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In some of the most unforgiving places on earth, YOUR support can provide protection, shelter, food and clean water, as well as education and health care – all vital and urgent needs for people who have fled persecution or conflict.

UNHCR cares for more than 10.5 million refugees worldwide and a further 29 million people forcibly displaced within their own countries - the world's need for our work has never seemed so great. From emergency situations to protracted crises, our staff is there to help, to shelter and to protect.

Your support will help ensure that we can continue to be there for as long as we are needed. Please donate now!



Puts a survival kit, which includes necessities such as blankets, and a cooking & heating stove, into the hands of a refugee family.



Registers 150 exhausted refugees in order to assess their needs and trace their families.



Sinks two wells to provide clean water for refugees.



Syria Emergency

Turmoil in Syria has forced more than 2.3 million people to flee for their lives.

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Mali Emergency

War, drought and starvation have forced hundreds of thousands of Malians to abandon their homes in search of safety.

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South Sudan Emergency

Renewed conflict in South Sudan has displaced many and forced tens of thousands of people across borders in search of safety.

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DRC Emergency

Intense fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has forced hundreds of thousands of Congolese to flee their homes.

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Under the Canadian Income Tax and Regulations Act (Section 110.1.(1)(a)(v) - Corporation donations / Section 118.1.(1) (e) - Individual donations) all donations made to United Nations agencies are tax deductible.

If you have questions concerning your donation to the UN Refugee Agency, or if you experience difficulties while processing your donation on this site, please email us at or call our toll-free line, at 1-877-232-0909.

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